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The quest for eternal youth is a multi-billion dollar industry. If anyone would find an ointment with a formula that actually works for wrinkles, Rockefeller would turn into a financial midget in comparison to what that person would earn in a fortnight.


Men and women undergo daily scraping, scrubbing, injecting and cutting up their faces in order to look younger, better.. Breasts are being enlarged with silicone (which is also the material we use to insulate windows here in the cold climates), asses are tautened and ears are tucked. Even the most beautiful people, like actresses and models, go for surgery and injections to augment their existing natural beauty and to fend off the pesky aging business.


We want to stay young forever.


Youth is associated with heightened energy levels, creativity, freshness and beauty. Old age is associated with the opposite. However, there are several older people in my experience that have much more energy than most 25 year olds I know. They also look better. Of course, the taut skin of a 25 year old is undeniable and body of a 30 year old has a different tension in it than that of a 70 year old. However, a body and a face that has lived a while tells a story. And each person’s story is unique, and beautiful.


We see actresses that age with grace, for example Katharine Hepburn and Sigourney Weaver, and these are beautiful women. What person decided at what time that a woman is only beautiful if she is 25, whilst a man is considered handsome even with marked lines in his face? However, we do see this trend changing, also for men.


What is the force holding the beautiful humans captive in this fear? What are we humans so afraid of? Is it death? Or is it simply losing attractiveness?


Many women get facelifts or implants after a break-up or divorce. They rush to the surgeon because they want to look more like the way they did when they met their respective husbands. Some also want to look more like the 20 years younger female their man took off with.


Is our relationship with ourselves so poor, that we do not believe we deserve love just because we have a few extra lines on our faces? Are we that shallow? Are we this insecure? Do we really rather inject poisons into our faces and look like parodies of ourselves than age with grace?


‘I do it for myself’ they say. Do we really? If nobody ever mentioned the crooked tooth, or commented on your asymmetrical whatever, would you have cared.. Would you even ever have noticed? And when we start noticing that first blemish, we really study ourselves and find more and more ‘mistakes’ in God’s good work. Off to the wonderful surgeons!!!! Atleast they know what they are doing, what with their science and all…

I have myself struggled with insecurities due to these very issues. Yes it seems like a great idea at first, but where does it stop? And where does the desire come from? Yes of course, there is the media which constantly bombards us with images of how we are supposed to look. Of 50 and 60 year olds that look like they are 30. Some are tales of horro, others  have managed really well. Which is why the plastic surgery industry just keeps on growing. A lot of people have pretty good results too, not everyone look like Michael Jackson meets Catwoman.


But what happened to aging gracefully? It is whispered like a mantra, at the same time your colleague gets so many compliments and male attention after her face lift.

‘You don’t look so tired!’ people exclaim in appreciation.

‘You look 15 years younger!’


These statements can feel like honey-dripping conditioner for the soul when you originally felt pretty crap about yourself. Like Mike, ‘The Situation’ from the famous Jersey Shore so eloquently sums up the era of 2010: ‘When you look good, you feel good’ all the while flashing his famous abs.


So what it is all about in the end, is feeling good. Feeling good is the most important thing we do for ourselves, so whichever way you go about doing it is your business.


But then you wonder, why do I feel like I need to look a certain way to feel good? Why can’t I feel good right now? Why will I feel good when my skin is stretched, my boobs are inflated and my abs crunched into oblivion? What is that thing which is cutting me off from my source right now, preventing me from reaching my goal – which is feeling good.


Each person has a responsibility for their own happiness. So at the end of the day, whichever way that happens is that person’s own affair. But there is something going on in the collective human psyche when we see celebs like the late Jackson, Priscilla Presley, Mickey Rourke, Melanie Griffith, Tara Reid, the infamous Catwoman mauling their faces in an attempt to stay youthful. What the hell are we doing? Are these celebs just the ultimate reflection of the deep seated insecurities in the human psyche? We laugh at them, we ridicule them, but in a way, they did it for us, because when an actress shows up with bags under her eyes, it is front-page material. Are we really just laughing at and ridiculing ourselves?


And surgery is just the furthest extreme of the narcissistic era we live in. Even if most of us haven’t been under the scalpel, the vast majority is still spending a lot of timed polishing and buffing our surfaces. Looking good is synonymous with feeling good and with success. Not just on the Jersey Shores, but also in Bombay, London, Tel Aviv and Sao Paolo,


We all want to be loved, we want people to like us, to like our work, etc. Never before have these things been so intimately connected to the way we look. To the point where less fortunate looking people are being discriminated against and sometimes even perceived as being less intelligent. Better looking people land the job, and they often get more of a break. They must be happier! Or are they?


Is this obsession with our looks a reflection of what is going on with Gaia herself? That as long as we don’t see the garbage, as long as my lawn is mowed and as long as my lake is clean and my forest has trees then everything is exactly the way it should be? That as long as our little part of the earth is pretty and working well, in my little part of the world nobody is starving, then life is moving along swimmingly?


As long as my outside is pretty and presentable, as long as my ass is taut and my face is smooth then everything is going well inside of me? What are we, after all, if not children of Gaia.


We pump out Gaia’s oil to fuel our cars, to make the fantastic plastic world we have created for ourselves. We chop down the rainforests so that we can feed more cows so that we can eat more burgers. Our gardens are perfectly landscaped and the bushes are neatly trimmed. We drive gas-hungry SUV’s in our peaceful suburbian streets. We clean our hands with anti-bacterial solutions before we handshake in the flu season. We eat organic food and lecture our children about their obesity. We watch the world’s starving and feel bad for them before we shut off our TV’s. We receive our soldiers with fanfares and streamers back from the war for more oil, so that we can have more gas for our SUV’s and more plastic for our jars of anti-aging creams.


We read beauty magazines that perpetually make us feel ugly. We look at airbrushed, flawless models, thinking most of the world looks like this, only not me. The next page is full of plastic surgeons offering their skilled, scientific help. We suck the fat out from our bodies, we plump up other areas with silicone and Restylane. We nip, we tuck, we stretch. Everything in the name of being perfect.  Perfect on the surface. To feel better about myself, at least for a little while. It is good enough. Or is it?


Is what we are doing to ourselves a reflection of what we are doing to Gaia? Are our deep rooted fears of not being loved sending deep tendrils into Gaia herself?


Sisters of the earth, why don’t we love ourselves? Has this ego driven society smashed our pride and love for the divine feminine to the point of no return? Or is there still hope for us?


The only way that we can make it on this earth, is if we change our ways. How do we change our ways? By loving ourselves. By seeing the value in ourselves even though we are older, not as objectively physically attractive as that empty-eyed model on page 3. Even though we were in abusive relationships where we gave of ourselves. Even though the man of our dreams betrayed us. We are still worthy! We have other assets. We are women. We create life within us. We are the ultimate creators. Don’t let the ego destroy us. The ego is afraid, because the ego is seeing a rise in the consciousness of humanity and it is creating all sorts of reasons why we still need it, why we still should hang on. Let go. It doesn’t serve you anymore.


Look in the mirror and see beauty. See the life in your eyes. Caress each cellulite, love each wrinkle. It is you, after all. And if you cannot love yourself, you will not stop punishing yourself and you will not stop punishing Earth.


We are entering a new era. It is an era of perfection. And perfection is you, just the way you are.Cat woman