Why are emotions important?


Emotions are not the easiest thing for us humans to deal with on this earth. They are oftentimes conflicting, paradoxical, painful and wonderful, all at the same time. It’s a rollercoaster ride, and it is definitely the spice of life. Could you imagine living a life without that sweet torture of being in love? You can’t sleep, can’t eat, just smiling all the time, feel like you are walking on clouds, everything seems rosy and butterflies reign your insides. Until of course, that significant other does something which walks all over your values, and you start doubting your own emotions. Is this truly love?

Then of course you read the texts, that well, no, this isn’t love, this is egoic love. Real love is unconditional, like the love you have for your child. So, then you have to have the same love for your lover as for a child, the same but different. One is sexual, and the other is not. I have to honestly admit, I have still to experience that love. Despite my best efforts, the trampling of my values was so intense, and my negative emotions so intense, I just had to get away. I guess that was the most unconditional loving thing I could do – for myself.

As a sidenote, I find it quite interesting, that most of the spiritually enlightened gurus seem to be single. With the exception of Eckhart Tolle, most of the others seem to be content with their own company. I wonder why that is? Anyhoo..

All humans operate from their emotions. We like to think we operate strictly from reason and logic, but even in times when we think we are being completely objective, we always have an emotional component to what we are experiencing. In fact, it is necessary to have an emotional component to our reason and logic, otherwise our reason and logic become faulty and incoherent.

Emotions guide us every step of the way, and we justify our actions afterwards by finding logical and rational arguments that would support our emotions. We also do something else which is quite curious; we deny our emotions. We have a negative emotion of some kind, and we deny it’s existence, even though it is there and can be felt. It is not a belief, it is not a  mindset, it just is. A bodily sensation in our realtime experience, yet we refuse to acknowledge it.

We do not like our negative emotions, they make us feel, well, bad. And thus, we dislike them. We prefer things that make us feel good, naturally. But these negative emotions that descend on us sometimes, seem really devoid of any conscious control on our part. Which of course it is – devoid of any conscious control. It arises in our being, from the intuitive right brain, which does not ask for permission to activate bodily sensations in response to a subconscious stimulus, it just does. Maybe it is trying to get our attention that we are moving in an unwanted direction form a higher point of view? Maybe we are engaging in less than honourable thoughts about ourselves or others? Maybe we feel we have been wronged and carry a lot of anger that we have suppressed, because we have not been able to forgive the other person?

We can speculate from whence the right hemisphere picks up on the vibes that allows it to fire certain emotions. Especially since we ourselves are unconscious of where it is coming from.  We have all had the experience of being happy and dandy, all of a sudden we notice the onset of a gloomy mood – next thing we feel like Cruella DeVille. It begs the questi0n of free will, and whose will are we talking about anyway? Because at the end of the day, who or what I am, will also decide to whom or what the free will belongs.

But that emotions are important, of that there is no doubt. Filtering through them becomes our challenge and figuring out what our emotions are telling us – and subsequently deciding how we will decide to think and feel about them.

We can not decide what happens to us, but we can decide how to respond to what happens to us. We can not decide how to react, but we can decide how to respond. Responding is just a reaction with some common sense.

Your emotions are your soul communicating with you. You will be well served to listen and figuring out what is going on with you from the neck down. From the neck up is the voice of analysis, from the neck down is the voice of intution. Tune in to your stomach and heart and just start feeling. Don’t think, just feel. Just observe the sensations going on, get used to always having a part of your attention in your body.

Your soul will not speak to you in the clear voice of your thinking mind. Your soul will speak to you in the language of the intuitive mind. It will speak to you in emotions and feelings, pictures, dreams, ideas and inspirations. Learn to pay attention to that subtle voice. Learn to pay attention to your feelings.

And of course, to make things spicier, it seems that our emotions do not only belong to us. We seem to be perfectly capable to pick up on other people’s emotions, other people’s vibes. Not only has science proved it, but it exists even in our expressions and metaphors.

“Being on the same wavelength”

“Having the same vibe”

“Out of tune with each other”

So the plot thickens. Sifting through our own emotions just became even more complicated. Another important reason why it is useful to get to know yourself and your emotional state better – so that you can figure out what belongs to you, and what does not belong to you. And who are you anyway? :)

So you better get started! Don’t sit here and lose time reading a blog. Go out and experience yourself experiencing!


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