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Money or your freedom – or simply ask the EU to fuck off?


Well, here we go again.. Another country is going under, because of the strain of the demands of the banking and economic system. What tickles my funny bone is that we approach this matter in a lackadaisical “oh well, you … Read the rest

Pimps and ho’s, sluts and dogs

Before you start reading, understand I am using vast generalisations and my views can certainly not be applied to all men and all women. It is a general trend in our society which I am commenting on, and therefore I … Read the rest

New Clinic Opens today in Pedersgata 49, Stavanger!

DrVictoria- Beauty Peace Focus is a concept clinic open in Stavanger, Norway. It is my own personal clinic with the tools and techniques I have learned to use and appreciate when it comes to my own self-development. Now I feel Read the rest

The Emotional and Physical relationship model. Why do you want what you want? And more importantly, how do you get it?


So we have all heard about the idea that little boys grow up to marry their mothers, and little girls grow up to marry their fathers. However, the E&P model claims that both little girls and little boys grow up … Read the rest

The art of receiving


Ask yourself this, how do you receive gifts in your life? A gift is anything from a compliment to an actual physical item. It could also be something which seems less positive, at least in the moment, but as time … Read the rest

The art of manifesting your desires


I guess by this point we have all heard about the workings of the law of attraction. What you hold as your predominant vibration will manifest in some way in your life. It is not as simple as 1+1=2; it … Read the rest

Could this possibly be an evolutionary step?

I know a lot of older people who are very annoyed at the younger generation for walking around with headphones all the time. All kinds of arguments against it are being used. It is bad for your hearing, it is … Read the rest

Build your very own mud house!

Cob building is nothing new, in fact is one of the oldest building methods in the world. Cob is basically clay mixed with sand and straw. Straw gives it great tensile strength as well as remarkable insulative qualities. Building with … Read the rest

Why are emotions important?


Emotions are not the easiest thing for us humans to deal with on this earth. They are oftentimes conflicting, paradoxical, painful and wonderful, all at the same time. It’s a rollercoaster ride, and it is definitely the spice of … Read the rest

To do or not to do.

We all have great potential, and we all have something great to add to life. However, we oftentimes do not know what our potential is, because we have never taken the time off to figure out what it is WE … Read the rest